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Published: Jan 7, 2012

I always wanted to post something using reStructuredText and I became somewhat envious when Octopress appeared on the radar.

The reason is very simple: for documenting various things related to internal projects I was part of, we used Sphinx, so many formatting things became more than natural (automatic).

For more than 10 years I've been maintaining LiveJournal blog, however lately it became rather unreliable. And while many of my LJ friends moved to Dreamwidth, I did not feel that it is right for me since again it did not allow to use reStructuredText to write the posts.

Suddenly, Hacker News had a link to an article that turned to be part of a blog that is maintained in reStructuredText using a tool called rstblog. I was thrilled and had cloned the code so it could become a bit more suitable for me. The result is described at my rstblog page.

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