Eight years long ride

Published: Apr 22, 2012
Tags: personal, rant

Recently I realized I did not rant for quite some time and as tomorrow marks my 8th year of working for Nokia, it's a more than great chance to address this yawning gap.

Since I joined, the organization grew from a certain number of people to a certainly bigger number of people, as well as it went through various name changes: OSSO -> Maemo Software -> Maemo Devices -> MeeGo Devices. These gave me many chances to work with great people as well as to work with people whom it would be great not to work with at all.

In any case, this gave me a lot of opportunities to learn and, I think, I learnt a lot. However it must be said that while my technical knowledge skyrocketed, the people skills did not really follow the same curve, and, I must admit, the latter was sometimes getting in the way. On a related note, it became clear that when you apply the newly obtained knowledge to the situations in hand, you do not really realize what knowledge you obtained: it requires either to stop and contemplate on the [not so] recent experience(s) or somebody to challenge your decisions based on subconscious application of the knowledge you have (thanks, Anton!).

Anyway, last year's February announcement stated that our organization is to be closed, and during the time when Nokia streamlines what was streamlined "many times ago", my last major contribution to Nokia operations will be decreasing head count by one.

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