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Published: May 10, 2012

(Update: for those who think it's premature, according to Wikipedia: On occasions, eulogies are given to those who are severely ill or elderly in order to express words of love and gratitude before they pass away.)

While working on many devices (770, N800, N810, N900 and N9) and software updates for them our R&D activities heavily relied on the build system created by the team I led and, later, by the team I worked in.

The build system's name is BIFH. When we put it in use, the name stood for Bastard Integrator From Hell, however, later on, we worked hard on improving what we had and eventually it became Beloved Integration Friendly Helper.

I am going to write a few posts that cover the following topics in a hope that it is somehow useful for other people who face same kind of situations. (As soon as an item is written about, it is going to contain a link to the corresponding post, so you may bookmark this page and check it [time to time] to see if the continuation is available):

  • A Bit of History
  • Goals of Release & Integration
  • Introduction to Integration
  • Terminology
  • System Architecture
  • Environment
  • Roles

However, before I start to carefully choose words and polish sentences, I'd like to thank many people who did a lot to make the whole thing working and progressing.

First of all, I'd like to thank André Dolenc who gave me this chance to learn a lot and work on all these products by hiring me.

I worked with a great team (part of which I collected myself :)). I thank them very much for their devotion, resilience, knowledge, energy and support.


  • Jesus Climent
  • Stefano Mosconi
  • Mika Marjamäki
  • Eero Heino
  • Ville Jouppi
  • Steve Jayna
  • Michał Gałka
  • Dawid Romaldowski
  • Ramez Hanna

Integration Support

  • Janardhana Adatravu
  • Madhusudhan Nanjappa
  • Ram Kalaskar

Release Management

  • Jorma Virkkunen

Error Management

  • Shahin Shahini
  • Eric Le Roux

Configuration & Customization Management

  • Marc Dillon
  • Jari Tenhunen
  • Rodrigo Abreu

Test Automation

  • Mikko Mäkinen
  • Ville Ilvonen
  • Lauri Kantonen
  • Teemu Vaino
  • Alexander Kotelnikov

BIFH Developers

  • Aliaksei Katovich
  • Alexander Kanevskiy
  • Ed Bartosh
  • Ugandhar Reddy
  • Markus Törnqvist
  • Dmitry Rozhkov
  • Pami Ketolainen
  • Anton Berezin
  • Richard Braakman

And I'd like to thank many other people:

  • Kimmo Hämäläinen
  • Yauheni Kaliuta
  • Alexander Shishkin
  • Natalia Dobrovolskaya
  • Alexey Vyskubov
  • Reto Zingg
  • Oleg Romashin
  • Leonid Zolotarev
  • Juha Kallioinen
  • Jussi Hakala
  • Riku Voipio
  • Johan Ericsson
  • Mikko Leppänen
  • Francesco Vozza
  • ...
  • And many, many other

And the last, but not least, I'd like to thank Jussi Hurmola who supported me well during hard times of recovering from burn out.

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