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Published: Sep 27, 2012
Tags: personal

Life goes on and sometimes it's quite difficult to keep up with it.

From the 1st of August I do not work for Nokia any more.

Some time ago we started from "scratch" our life with my ex-wife. From one hand, it's a totally new experience -- we do make things that make the other one feel special, from the other, sometimes it feels "don't we just try to make the other one feel good?"...

Anyway, I moved from Matinkyla to Olari: it does not sound to be too far away, while some shops -- especially, K Citymarket -- are missed indeed.

This blog's "design" was updated to the latest version of Twitter's Bootstrap. At the same time a few simplifications of the layout took place.

Adobe added two fonts -- Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro -- which I'm happily using on this site via TypeKit. (I hope that all necessary places were updated :))

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